Maury Davis

Maury Davis

Pastor Maury Davis along with three elected officials led the foundation stone for the $17 million expansion of the Cornerstone Old Hickory Boulevard building. This expansion is spread over an area of 95,000 square feet, which includes a specific area for youth and child ministries, a deli and a café. This project also called for the renovation program of 1/3rd of the already existing facility which is spread over an area of 135,000 square feet. This facility also features a sanctuary foyer. This is an endeavor taken up by Pastor Maury Davis and it marked the latest growth chapter for the Cornerstone Church which was founded in the year 1983. The current building of Cornerstone was built more than ten years ago.

Maury Davis

Future Constructions Plans for the Cornerstone Church

Post purchasing the 25 acres of land close by, the church also has plans of coming up with a future retirement hub. The entire journey has taken the church through different challenges, problems and solutions. According to Davis, the latest additions in the church area will also be incredible with the church already raising the amount of $1.3 million for covering the costs that need to be incurred. Construction plans include multilevel common area connecting the different facilities at the church. This space, which will also feature a beautiful baptism pool, will widely be used for different activities throughout the week. Davis has served as a leader at Cornerstone for 25 years now and his rise as a leader as been well documented and more improbable in comparison to the development of the church.

Davis’s Life-Before and After the Murder

In 1975, Maury Davis slashed the throat of a 54-year-old woman from to Irving, Texas. This crime committed by Davis was senseless and brutal. However, he promptly admitted his crime but refrained from apologizing to the victim’s family. The prison officials allowed him out of the prison on weekly furlongs for attending church services along with family. However, Davis tasted freedom at the age of 27 when his 20 years of imprisonment was cut short due to prison overcrowding. Davis does not appear in the form of a low-life individual who murdered a woman. He actually appears in the form of a successful preacher crowded by huge television screens, a small orchestra and a choir. Impeccably groomed, this middle aged, beloved pastor of Cornerstone church possesses over 6,000 members and even hosts a television show on Sunday which is enthusiastically watched by around 125,000 people. Davis is an international evangelist, a husband for 23 years now, and a father of four children. He is all this, but at the same time, he is also a murderer.

The Redemption

Post release from his imprisonment of 8 years, Davis visited George and opened up about his thoughts and his feelings on the hideous crime that he had committed. He was of the view that the term “sorry” would be a very cheap term for explaining or accepting the crime that he had committed. He was filled with guilt and repentance for what he had done and wanted to make things right all over again. He was glad about this redemption, but at the same time, he was not in favor of reliving the event all over again. This is how Maury Davis got into this phase of redemption that took him towards changing the lives of people for the good.

The Homecoming

Serving as pastor at Cornerstone Church in Nashville was like homecoming for Maury. This was because, over the years, he acquired the skills that brought him closer to God and made him a completely changed man. It was because of the grace and the favor of God that he was able to cope with his sins and his past disgrace. It was this enlightenment that helped him in coming up with the motive of transforming the lives of the people who attended the church ministry on a weekly basis. This was Davis’s way of getting relief from the guilt of committing a sin long before when he was a teenager.

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