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Cornerstone Church in Nashville Shows You How to Teach Your Children the Bible

teach-kid-bibleAs a parent, it can be overwhelming to teach your children about God.  After all, the Bible is the most important book out there.

You might feel uneasy and unsure how to approach this important task, but don’t worry.  The Cornerstone Church in Nashville has some simple tips to help you teach your children about God and the Bible.

  1. Start Young

You can begin teaching your children the Bible from the day they’re born.  Will they understand?  No, but as they grow, they will understand how important the Bible is, as well as remember those early days where mom and dad read passages to them.  Your kids will want to know more about the Bible as they recall these memories and grow up more and more each year.

  1. Figure Out an Approach

Decide how you will teach your children.  There are many ways you can do this, but it’s your job to figure out which approach will work best for your family.  You can teach them the Bible in its order or find a chronological plan.  You can also choose from different scriptures that relate to your life.

You can also turn to books for children, as they are tailored specifically for them.  The best solution is to find one that your children are comfortable with.  There are a lot of wonderful options for children that offer pictures to really engage them and get them excited to learn about God.

  1. Get Help

You don’t have to pretend to be a know-it-all when it comes to the Bible.  There are many resources online and helpful advice you can seek out so you can teach your children the word of God.  If your children are studying a particular passage, see if there is an app or Bible study guide that can help you teach your children effectively.  Also consider turning to a children’s story-book, especially in their younger years.

  1. Follow Up with Them

Each week that your children attend church, they’ll learn something new.  You, as their parent, need to follow up with them to see what they’ve learned.  This will help you stay up to date with what your children know and help you chime in where you can.

  1. Don’t Sweat It

Your kids aren’t going to learn overnight, so remember to be patient and don’t sweat it.  Don’t worry if they don’t get everything right away, because as long as you keep trying, they eventually will.  God’s spirit will eventually find its way to your children’s hearts.

  1. Be Consistent

If there is one thing we know about children, it’s that they love routines.  Find a time and place that works for them and be consistent.  Try not to overwhelm your children and do it in a way they enjoy.  Ask your children if they like the routine you have or if improvements could be made anywhere.

God has gifted you a child, so you are now a shepherd.  It’s your job to teach them the word of God.  By having fun with it, and taking it one day at a time, your children will soon learn everything about God.

Cornerstone Church Nashville Wants You to Do This at Church This Weekend

the cornerstone church Are you getting ready for church with your family this weekend?  The Cornerstone Church Nashville wants you to watch and listen for the following things when you go to church.

For most people, going to church is a habit.  They leave home at the same time every Sunday, park at the same place, go through the same door, sit at the same bench, and talk to the same friends.  After church, they go to a nearby restaurant to grab a bite to eat.  They expect nothing different and see and hear nothing different.  Right?  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because God is around us.  But sometimes when we get into routines, we miss certain things—things that are happening around us and opportunities to help others.

This upcoming Sunday when you’re getting ready for church, we want you to look and listen for the following things.

  1. Keep an eye on your family as they’re getting ready.

How is your family feeling as they get ready for church?  If they seem stressed out, it’s not going to be a good start to your Sunday.  You, being the head of the family, should try to calm them down and encourage them to go to church in a good mood so they can take in the word of God.

  1. Watch for people as you’re driving to church.

It’s likely that they are not going to the same place you’re going.  Look at them as a sheep without a shepherd and take a second to pray to God for them.

  1. Look for opportunities to help.

Do you see someone who is looking for a parking spot?  Give them yours.  Do you see an elderly lady struggling to get through the door?  Get in front and help her.  See a church helper struggling with something heavy?  Help them.  Offer coffee to someone in need.  In other words, help everyone you see.

  1. Look for people who are lost in the parking lot.

Chances are not everyone is familiar with the church.  If you notice someone who is lost or wondering around the parking lot or building, offer to help them.

  1. Look for someone you don’t know.

If you’re meeting a small group at church, look for someone you don’t know and introduce yourself.  Tell them everything about the church and welcome them to God’s house.

  1. Look for people who sit by themselves.

You have probably passed them many times before and thought nothing of it.  These people might not like to be bombarded with attention, but there is nothing wrong with giving them a kind welcome and a friendly smile.  See if you can get their name and offer yours.

  1. Take in the prayers.

Really listen to the word of God as the pastor is preaching.  Don’t let the words go in one ear and come out the other.  Then, pray for those in need.

This Sunday, Cornerstone Church Nashville wants you to really watch and listen for the things mentioned above.  Let God give you eyes to see and ears to listen at church this weekend.

Maury Davis- The Speaker- The Pastor

Maury Davis, the senior pastor serving at Cornerstone Church Nashville in Tennessee appears very similar to an ordinary preacher. This man is neatly pressed and always has that bright smile on his face. He is also accompanied with a great sense of humor. However, seeing Davis does not mean that you get to know him as a person. A crooked pinky found on the left hand of this preacher serves as the only available hint about the life he led formerly. This serves as the permanent remnant from the years that Davis spent while dealing in drugs. He was a drug addict who was further convicted for murdering a 54 year old lady from Irving, Texas.

Maury Davis

Maury Davis at the Weekly Chapel Service of Regent University

The weekly chapel service of the Regent University found him preaching the staff, the faculty and the students. He stated that all through his life, he was of the strong belief that life was all about survival of the fittest. He thought that people needed to be either the prey or the predator in this world. Campus Ministries were the host for this chapel service at Regent University. Davis came face to face with the truth about his personal behavior at the time when his father intervened and tried explaining to him about the power of God. Here, it is important to note that Davis’s biological father abandoned him when Davis was five years of age. His father’s intervention included that God would be placing Davis at a spot for getting his attention. These words quickly spun into prophesy without Davis realizing it. Post committing the crime which he described briefly as a horrible and brutal murder, Davis was filled with guilt about the crime that he had committed. His family even hired the services of a lawyer but a lawyer suggested in plain words that Davis needed God and not an attorney.

Davis’s Perception of God

Throughout the time that Davis spent in jail, he believed that God confronted him like a gush of water. He further adds that there were a lot of hopeful people that he came across during his imprisonment and they all loved God. These people served like lights in darkness and were the sheer hope for Davis. It was God who then took the scales off Davis’s eyes and he was once again born as a Christian. It was his experience that brought him closer to God and in spite of the fact that he had twenty long years to serve in jail; God melted his inner self which was made of stone. God also offered him radical redemption and joy throughout. Maury Davis has spent his entire life announcing this news publicly, trying to motivate his congregation towards seeking God and living life towards serving God. He also puts stress on the fact that he serves as a living proof of the fact that nothing can ever separate any individual from God’s love.

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