Maury Davis

Maury Davis- The Speaker- The Pastor

Maury Davis, the senior pastor serving at Cornerstone Church Nashville in Tennessee appears very similar to an ordinary preacher. This man is neatly pressed and always has that bright smile on his face. He is also accompanied with a great sense of humor. However, seeing Davis does not mean that you get to know him as a person. A crooked pinky found on the left hand of this preacher serves as the only available hint about the life he led formerly. This serves as the permanent remnant from the years that Davis spent while dealing in drugs. He was a drug addict who was further convicted for murdering a 54 year old lady from Irving, Texas.

Maury Davis

Maury Davis at the Weekly Chapel Service of Regent University

The weekly chapel service of the Regent University found him preaching the staff, the faculty and the students. He stated that all through his life, he was of the strong belief that life was all about survival of the fittest. He thought that people needed to be either the prey or the predator in this world. Campus Ministries were the host for this chapel service at Regent University. Davis came face to face with the truth about his personal behavior at the time when his father intervened and tried explaining to him about the power of God. Here, it is important to note that Davis’s biological father abandoned him when Davis was five years of age. His father’s intervention included that God would be placing Davis at a spot for getting his attention. These words quickly spun into prophesy without Davis realizing it. Post committing the crime which he described briefly as a horrible and brutal murder, Davis was filled with guilt about the crime that he had committed. His family even hired the services of a lawyer but a lawyer suggested in plain words that Davis needed God and not an attorney.

Davis’s Perception of God

Throughout the time that Davis spent in jail, he believed that God confronted him like a gush of water. He further adds that there were a lot of hopeful people that he came across during his imprisonment and they all loved God. These people served like lights in darkness and were the sheer hope for Davis. It was God who then took the scales off Davis’s eyes and he was once again born as a Christian. It was his experience that brought him closer to God and in spite of the fact that he had twenty long years to serve in jail; God melted his inner self which was made of stone. God also offered him radical redemption and joy throughout. Maury Davis has spent his entire life announcing this news publicly, trying to motivate his congregation towards seeking God and living life towards serving God. He also puts stress on the fact that he serves as a living proof of the fact that nothing can ever separate any individual from God’s love.

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