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Cornerstone Church in Nashville Shows You How to Teach Your Children the Bible

teach-kid-bibleAs a parent, it can be overwhelming to teach your children about God.  After all, the Bible is the most important book out there.

You might feel uneasy and unsure how to approach this important task, but don’t worry.  The Cornerstone Church in Nashville has some simple tips to help you teach your children about God and the Bible.

  1. Start Young

You can begin teaching your children the Bible from the day they’re born.  Will they understand?  No, but as they grow, they will understand how important the Bible is, as well as remember those early days where mom and dad read passages to them.  Your kids will want to know more about the Bible as they recall these memories and grow up more and more each year.

  1. Figure Out an Approach

Decide how you will teach your children.  There are many ways you can do this, but it’s your job to figure out which approach will work best for your family.  You can teach them the Bible in its order or find a chronological plan.  You can also choose from different scriptures that relate to your life.

You can also turn to books for children, as they are tailored specifically for them.  The best solution is to find one that your children are comfortable with.  There are a lot of wonderful options for children that offer pictures to really engage them and get them excited to learn about God.

  1. Get Help

You don’t have to pretend to be a know-it-all when it comes to the Bible.  There are many resources online and helpful advice you can seek out so you can teach your children the word of God.  If your children are studying a particular passage, see if there is an app or Bible study guide that can help you teach your children effectively.  Also consider turning to a children’s story-book, especially in their younger years.

  1. Follow Up with Them

Each week that your children attend church, they’ll learn something new.  You, as their parent, need to follow up with them to see what they’ve learned.  This will help you stay up to date with what your children know and help you chime in where you can.

  1. Don’t Sweat It

Your kids aren’t going to learn overnight, so remember to be patient and don’t sweat it.  Don’t worry if they don’t get everything right away, because as long as you keep trying, they eventually will.  God’s spirit will eventually find its way to your children’s hearts.

  1. Be Consistent

If there is one thing we know about children, it’s that they love routines.  Find a time and place that works for them and be consistent.  Try not to overwhelm your children and do it in a way they enjoy.  Ask your children if they like the routine you have or if improvements could be made anywhere.

God has gifted you a child, so you are now a shepherd.  It’s your job to teach them the word of God.  By having fun with it, and taking it one day at a time, your children will soon learn everything about God.

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